Although Game of Thrones is mainly governed by scenes of heartache, violence and betrayal fans can found a way to laugh through some of the misery that of this season’s series

Today we made a compilation of the funniest jokes That only those who watched Season 6 of Game of Thrones will understand:

  1. What do you call a creepy ex-boyfriend north of the Wall?

A White Stalker.

  1. What is Roose Bolton’s favourite dessert?

The dread tort.

  1. Why were the White Walkers avoiding Bran?

They couldn’t stand the Hodor.

  1. If Jaime usurped the Iron Throne, what would be his first act?

Finding a Hand of the King.

  1. Why don’t the Greyjoys do any laundry?

They would have to pay the iron price.

  1. What does the little Stark boy desperately need?

Some Bran’ new legs.

  1. How can you tell when Lord Bolton is cold?

He gets Roose-bumps.

  1. When did Brienne realise Jaime was hitting on her?

When he asked: “Are you sure we’re not related?”

Jaime and Brienne

  1. How much did Jon Snow win on Jeopardy?

Bugger all. He knew nothing.

  1. The bakers of King’s Landing took their revenge on Joffrey by retrieving his body, cutting him up and putting him in a sandwich. What was it called?

Joffrey’s inbred.

  1. Where did Stannis drink away his sorrows after the Battle of the Blackwater?


  1. What is Tyrion’s favourite TV show?

Imp My Ride.

  1. What did the railing say to reassure the staircase?

“A banister always pays its steps.”

  1. Why didn’t Theon cut Ramsay’s throat with that razor blade?

He didn’t have the balls.

  1. What do you call a bunch of outlaws who kill Lannisters, kidnap children and never say please?

The Brotherhood Without Manners.

  1. Why do the Greyjoys import all their clothes?

They do not sew.

  1. The Starks may not have the Iron Throne, but they do have …

Iron MAN.

  1. Why was winter running so late?

Winterfell and it couldn’t get up.

  1. What is the Grand Maester’s second job?

He’s a pie seller.

  1. WhichGame of Thronescharacter is most like Santa Claus?

Ho Ho Hodor! (Honourable mention: Khal Hoho)

  1. What do the girls in Littlefinger’s brothel call their favourite customer?

Podthick Payne.

  1. What did Jeor and Jorah want to add to their family computer?

More fonts.

  1. Some of Daenerys’ troops have started strolling instead of marching. What’s their nickname?

The Unhurried.

  1. What does it say on Jon Snow’s business card?

Jon, Crow.

  1. When someone swears allegiance to Daenerys, they are …

Jumping on the band-dragon.