Cuba wants to pay its debt to the Czech Republic in bottles of rum

Cuban rum is so famous worldwide that the country’s authorities thought it might pay its debt to the Czech Republic in bottles of rum instead of cash.

Authorities from Prague, Czech Republic, proposed that the payment of the $ 276 million debt should be paid in bottles of rum.

That was indeed Cuba’s proposal during the negotiations between the two countries. If the Czech Republic will accept this bargain, the European state will hold the largest stocks of the most famous rum in the world, according to the BBC.

However, the residents of Prague claim that at least a part of Cuba’s debt should be returned in cash. They cannot accept the entire amount of money to be refunded in bottles of rum.

And if this would not possible, the Czech Republic declared itself ready to receive, besides rum, pharmaceuticals.

Cuba has debts to the Czech Republic that date back from the Cold War, a time when both Cuba and Czechoslovakia were part of the communist bloc.

Cuba is the first country that would pay its debt of nature.

Cuba is not, however, the first state to offer this kind of payment to the Czech Republic.

In 2010, North Korea has tried its luck and proposed the Czech Republic to pay a part of their debt in ginseng.

However, the authorities in Prague have not agreed to the proposal and demanded Pyongyang, however, zinc minerals, considered a more valuable product that could be easily resold on international markets, according to The Telegraph.

North Korea’s debt was, however, lower, and reached $ 10 million only. As in the case of Cuba, the debt was contracted during the communist regime.