Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively: Children’s public debut at Hollywood Walk of Fame

As for Mother Nature, she has been extremely generous with Ryan, Blake and their two children.

The gorgeous actress, aged 28 years, still somehow manages to look like a supermodel even she gave birth to her second child, little James.

And yes, we’ll keep reminding you: James is a girl!

The actress and her husband, another beautiful one, Ryan, aged 39, kept hiding their kids under all kinds of rugs and carriers, until last night, when the couple was surprised at Hollywood Walk of Fame, during the star ceremony of Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively first met in 2010 on the set of ‘Green Lantern’ and two years later they were married.

Their first child, a girl named James, was born in 2014 and was soon followed by her little sister.

The famous couple did everything possible to keep their girls away from the spotlights, cameras and paparazzi.

They tried their best to hide them and even refused to pose together for some of the worldwide known publications.

They always talked with great joy about how their lives have changed after they became parents.

The actress, known for her role in ‘Gossip Girl’, always declares she couldn’t be any happier and Ryan also praises her in public every time he gets the mic:

‘I want to thank my wife, Blake, who is sitting right there who is everything to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me’, Reynolds said during his investiture ceremony.

‘You make everything better. You make everything in my life better. You’ve given me two of the most incredible children I’ve ever hoped to have.’