No doubt, cellular mitosis has been a guiding model for bitcoin in 2016. There several split cases among different camps previously in once cell or group.

One of the groups include those who understand bitcoin and have decided to remain in its cell while the others refer to those who are now in their own offshoot cells because they failed to understand the cryptocurrency and so they seem to be experimenting on some non-viable branches.

Only a few are fully aware that bitcoin has no rival and these are those in bitcoin – market participants who understand how everything works. As a proof to this, some fundamentally transformative work have being done to extend bitcoin.

As the first mover and definitive transaction layer, bitcoin has always remained on top as the market winner. In terms of the rational ethos of its protectors and the software rules, it is generally known to be immutable. No doubt, it has remained the only viable solution.

It is important to understand that once the center of bitcoin is taken and rooted in another place, it will become very difficult to escape the risk of a generational national loss. This is because it is spreading even more evenly to people who are voluntarily willing to work with it. This emphasizes why bitcoin should not be regulated.

It is recommended that a single law be enacted by the jurisdiction overcome the challenges faced by bitcoin businesses. This will help to allay all fears of a possible explosion of legislation looking to turn a profit in bitcoin impossible and foster innovation.