Donald Trump’s victory at the presidential election is validated today by the Electoral College.

The Republican will be officially nominated as President, despite the fact the anti-Trump camp continues to hope for a miracle.

According to the American press, most states will not respect the votes and they will not call him the future leader of the White House, writes AFP.

About 2.000 people protested on Sunday in Los Angeles, a day before the vote of the Great Electors.

‘I want to tell Trump that we are immigrants and we are helping the economy to grow, we do not want anything for free’, said demonstrator Jauregui Horal.

Protesters waved their banners with: ‘Stop Trump’, ‘Welcome Refugees’ and ‘Let’s make America think again’, after the campaign slogan of President-elect: ‘Let’s make America great again.’

Most voters from California voted for Clinton during the presidential elections and leaders of this state have already warned that they will fight the next administration in order to avoid any policy regarding the immigration, environment or health.

The US Electoral College meets today to officially appoint him as the president of the United States.

During the meetings that will take place in every state and in the District of Columbia, the 538 Great Electors of the institution will officially vote for president and vice president. E

The Electoral College vote result may not be published on Monday, given that states have a period of several days to report the results. The Congress will announce no matter what happens, the name of the President-elect on January 6, after the official counting of votes.