Mickey Rourke is barely recognizable after years of plastic surgery as he is desperately tryting to keep up with his 33 years-younger girlfriend.

Since the beginning of his relationship with the 31-year old Russian, Anastassija Makarenko, Mickey Rourke started undergoing different plastic surgeries, including botox injections.

Because of the botox excess his face became swollen and looks extremely unnatural, confirm sources that recently saw him leaving the Roma Café, in Beverly Hills. He was spotted carrying his Pomeranian dog and wearing feminine clothes.

His fashion style seems to have suffered some dramatic change as well, as the actor is trying hard to look younger and dresses like a teenager.

The actor that has an impressive $15 million fortune and shops at Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Valentino. His favorite place to shop for jeans and tops is Nike, Camo Denim jeans and other popular brands for teenagers.

Mickey Rourke had a very rough path, been previously married to the actress Carre Otis (1992-1998) and Debra Feuer (1981-1989). He had been addicted to drugs and almost committed suicide.

In 2008, he won the golden Globe with his role in ‘Warrior’ and he ‘almost’ won an Oscar for his role in ‘Milk’.

The actor started undergoing plastic surgery since 1991, when he started playing professional box and broke his nose twice.

Mickey Rourke starred in 56 movies, his first successful appearance was in the movie ‘Heat’ and ‘Diner’ .He became famous after ‘9 weeks and a half’ from 1986 , ‘Wild Orchid  in 1990,  and  ‘Warrior’  in 2008.