The Electoral College Republicans declared Donald Trump as the winner of the US presidential elections.

Donald Trump received 304 votes of electors who have decided to designate Trump as the new occupant of the White House, following the election from 8th November.

Hillary Clinton, who won by a margin of over 2.8 million points in the US popular vote, received 227 votes of the electors, reported CNN.

The results of this vote will be authenticated during a joint session on 6th January and it will be conducted by the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Monday’s vote was the last hope of the anti-Trump camp that Republican will not reach the White House.

Moreover, the vote of the Electoral College had given US intelligence agencies the perfect opportunity of accusing Russia of initiating the cyber-attacks upon the Democrats.

The attacks were aimed to influence the presidential election in favor of Republicans.

The ‘discovery’ prompted Democrats to demand another voting session.

Three electors voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell, while the fourth has voted for Amerindian Faith Spotted Eagle, involved in protests against the construction of gas pipeline from North Dakota.

It is the first presidential election in the last 144 years, when there is more than one ‘infidel’ elector.

According to the American press, most states will not respect the votes and they will not call him the future leader of the White House, writes AFP.

About 2.000 people protested on Sunday in Los Angeles, a day before the vote of the Great Electors.

Most voters from California voted for Clinton during the presidential elections and leaders of this state have already warned that they will fight the next administration in order to avoid any policy regarding the immigration, environment or health.