Queen Elizabeth II has already formed an opinion about Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s current partner.

It is known that Prince Harry is extremely loved up with his new girlfriend, the actress from the ‘Suit’s series.

The redhead from the Royal House presented Meghan to his close friends and relatives on September 15th, when Harry turned 32. Apparently, the brunette conquered them all.

Prince Charles, Harry’s father and the heir of the British throne met Meghan a few weeks ago and the actress left him quite an impression.

Now, an anonymous source told US Weekly that the Queen Elizabeth II formed an opinion about her grandson’s new conquest and it seems that the monarch ‘was almost 100% approval’ with their love story.

For now, the queen has not met Meghan Markle in person (to remember that Kate Middleton had to wait five years to be officially submitted to the Queen), but the same source claims Elizabeth II ‘is pleased to see that Harry is experiencing a love story’.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle began to learn the royal protocol with a team of personal royal advisers.

The 35-year-old actress is currently enjoying a prolonged Christmas holiday from filming ‘Suits’.

Things are getting pretty serious between Harry and Meghan. The Prince and the ‘Suits’ actress were spotted together shopping for a Christmas tree.

The pair was seen on Monday night at London’s Pines and Needles and they seemed pretty excited about buying their first tree as an official couple.

According to witnesses, Meghan and Harry spent more than 30 minutes searching for the perfect Christmas tree before deciding to buy a six-foot-tall Nordmann Fir.

According to PEOPLE, before he left the market, Harry left £1 for charity.