War against drugs: American singer James Taylor canceled his concert in Manila

American singer James Taylor, the winner of multiple Grammy awards, declared on Wednesday he has canceled his concert scheduled in the Philippines with the purpose to protest in front of the extrajudicial killings, apparently led against the bloody drug campaign conducted on behalf of the President, Rodrigo Duterte, as reported by AFP.

‘I do not see my music as something to do particularly with politics, but sometimes it is absolutely necessary to adopt a political position’, was the message posted by the musician on his accounts on the social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook.

‘The fact that a sovereign state aims and punishes by law those responsible for illegal drug trafficking, is, of course, understandable and even desirable, but recent reports coming from the Philippines regarding the cruel executions of the suspected criminals, without a trial, are worrying and unacceptable for anyone who enjoys the rule of law’, said the artist.

Rodrigo Duterte won the presidential election in May 2016 and started announcing since then his war against drugs, which will result in tens of thousands of victims. Since taking over the Presidential office, 5,300 people were killed.

Despite this fact, the government rejects the accusations of extrajudicial murders and claims that the people killed by the police died in clashes against the men defending the law.

James Taylor, aged 68, became famous in the ’70s with hits like ‘Fire and Rain’ or ‘You’ve got a friend’ and won five Grammys during his career.

The artist was to sing in Manila on February 25th and the concert was part of a tournament abroad.