Experts are unanimous in declaring that the health reform enacted in 2010, known as Obamacare, which establishes the requirement of a health insurance was the greatest internal achievement of the current US president.

‘This is a very complex law that helped over 20 million people ‘, reminds analyst Roberto Izurieta, a professor at George Washington University.

The number of beneficiaries makes Susan Burgess, a professor at Ohio University policies, to wonder if from a political point of view, Republicans led by Trump, will try to stop Obamacare.

Trump seems decided to honor the promise made during the election campaign, and the decision of nominate legislator and surgeon Tom Price to lead the Department of Health in the USA Tom Price reinforces this assumption.

Meanwhile, many analysts believe that Obama’s term helped the US to exit from its ‘freefall’ crisis, recording reasonably good macroeconomic figures, nearly eight years after the Great Recession.

Unemployment stood at 4.6% in November, the lowest rate since August 2007, while the US economy reported an annual rate of 3.2%.

However, this economic recovery could suffer with the arrival of Trump at the White House, warns Izurieta, who believes that maintaining this path ‘requires a very clear vision’.

Obama ends his term with a level of popularity quite high. About 50%, which is ‘very unusual’ for the end of a second term, believes Burgess, and with no certainty about the fate that will have two of its successes foreign policy: nuclear agreement with Iran and restore relations with Cuba.