Leaving your room door open can prove to be quite the mistake as a gamer was embarrassed when his mom entered the room half naked wearing only bra and panties.

The young man who was streaming online a live session of League of Legends had a camera pointed at him and one at the game. The door to his room wide open proved to be a mistake as his scantily dressed mom entered the room. The red-faced teenager quickly told his parent that he was streaming live and closed the door.

The amazing thing is that she took all in good fun, poking her head in smiling and apologizing.

The viral hit had more than 722,000 views since it was posted on YouTube on December 17th.

Many comments poured to the video’s comment section, many being pleasantly surprised at the manner in which the young man and his mother handled things.

One such person said: “Could have gotten angry or embarrassed but instead laughed it off.”

Another one, translated the conversation between the son and mother, and it looks like the young man said: “Mom, for f*** sake you cannot walk in like that when I’m streaming,” only for her to reply that she was just checking whether he needed to be awake that morning.

The funny video is just one of many that League of Legends players make the video game being a YouTube success and the object of many e-sports tournaments.