A large group of celebrities and famous companies experienced the hacking of their social media accounts and now is Netflix’s turn.

In the past year, intriguing details regarding the hacking of important Twitter accounts hacked by cyber crooks were leaked online.

Almost every time, those events were not disclosed in embarrassing tweets, especially if we’re talking about the big names from the IT industry like Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey.

Recently, an appealing target for these anonymous hacking organizations was no other than Netflix.

The account was used by the global leader in streaming services to promote new films and series.

Tuesday morning, however, the same account was used by a group of hackers, who used the page to promote some services.

This is quite odd for the ‘OurMine’ organization, given that these cyber criminals used their skills to break various accounts and leak incriminating photos and information about a large group of celebrities.

Although the situation was labeled as embarrassing, the things these ‘boys’ could do are not very pleasant to hear.

The situation could’ve become disastrous if they posted some links with erotic content on Twitter or, even worse, a directing link to a malicious malware.

Just like in previous situations, after they hacked these accounts, the boys from ‘OurMine’ wanted to highlight this was a method to show Twitter they really need to increase their security.

‘Don’t worry, we are testing your security’ or ‘Visit our website to update your security’.

Last year, the same organization managed to hack Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account.