Airlines are extremely strict about the prohibition regarding the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

This fact was confirmed by the crew of Virgin America, requiring that whoever owns the Note 7 sin numerous urgent announcements.

According to BBC News, a passenger named his portable Wi-Fi hotspot ‘Galaxy Note 7_1097’. The name of the hotspot network gave other passengers (and the flight’s crew) the impression that someone brought on board the controversial device.

Lucas Wojciechowski was on the disrupted flight shot a screenshot of the Note 7 SSID.

It definitely seems like the crew wasn’t joyful, although I can’t speak for the correctness of his transcriptions.

“This isn’t a joke,” someone reportedly announced to the everyone on board.

“We’re going to turn on the lights and search everyone’s bag until we find it.”

However, the possibility of Galaxy Note 7 to catch fire or even explode has become more and more plausible. The last case was the man from Kentucky who woke up in a room full of smoke because his smartphone caught fire.

But the most serious problem caused by these phones was the one when a U.S. plane was evacuated because a Galaxy Note 7 was reeking in the cabin.

‘The safety of our client remains our top priority. Samsung requires its global distribution partners to stop selling or replacing these devices, while the investigation is running’, said an official of the company.