Celine Dion also declined Trump's invitation

Donald Trump is clearly not appreciated by celebrities and this was visible since throughout the campaign.

Worldwide known names in the music industry supported Hillary Clinton, not the controversial billionaire.

Now, the President-elect of the United States faces serious problems in terms of finding some major celebrities in the music industry to sing at his investiture ceremony on January 20, reports BBC News.

The most recent diva on Trump’s list, Celine Dion, also declined his invitation.

When Barack Obama took over the Presidential office in 2009, Beyonce and Aretha Franklin gladly accepted to sang during the ceremony.

John Legend, the holder of 10 Grammys, who was often a guest of Barack Obama at the White House, says he is ‘not surprised’ by this situation.

‘Creative people tend to reject bigotry and hatred. When we see someone who preaches division, hatred and bigotry, it is unlikely for him to find too many creative people who will accept their names to be associated with it’, said John Legend for BBC News.

‘I would never do that. Many artists in our industry were very pro-Hillary and anti-Donald. So, I would never accept it and most of the smart people will not do this either’, stated Zara Larsson, a  Swedish star, also present at the BBC Music Awards gala, where the British journalists talked to several artists.

Despite these difficulties, Donald Trump’s team seemed to have won a victory last month, when they announced that Elton John will attend the ceremony on January 20.

‘Elton John will perform for us’, said Anthony Scaramucci, a member of the organizing committee of the investiture.

Shortly after the news, Elton’s press agent has released an announcement in which he vehemently denied those affirmations: ‘Incorrect. Elton will not sing there. There is no single element of truth in that ad’.