‘We should reinforce the military potential of our tactical nuclear forces’, he said, based on an Agence France-Presse report.

To put it differently, Russia should make sure that its arsenal of nuclear weapons can avoid the interception of the enemy.

The main enemy which may intercept those missiles is, obviously, America and its own friends in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The language harks back to an old Cold War rhetoric: ‘Our missiles should have the ability to function as a hindrance. If America, as well, as NATO felt assured that Russia’s incoming nuclear weapons may be stopped before reaching their goals, the weapons don’t hold the exact same power as Russia’

You can’t have a fresh nuclear arms race, without someone, obviously. Enter President-elect Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, the American President-elect twitted on how he met some truly amazing Air Force generals and Navy admirals.

A dialogue during which the issue of nuclear weapons might have come up on Wednesday, Trump tweeted.

It looks likely that someone on his team decided to react together with the opinion above.

Trump expressed anxiety about using the bombs, saying, when he met in March with The Washington Post’s editorial board: ‘I believe our largest type of climate change we have to worry about is nuclear weapons.’  That argument was repeated by him a week after.

‘I think our biggest form of climate change we should worry about is nuclear weapons.’, Trump has repeatedly indicated.