In case you wondered what ‘Harry Potter’ things will come out next, you have the answer right here: engagement rings!

The beloved book series has made tons of fans since it first came on the market. People everywhere love J.K. Rowling’s books and her characters. The movies and the actors featured receive the same amount of love and admiration.

The number of ‘Harry Potter’ merch is huge. Starting from simple things, like pens or costumes, to bath bombs that reveal the Hogwarts house you belong to, fans are going to never get bored when it comes to ‘Harry Potter’ things to buy.

An Australian jewelry shop has created a whole range of ‘Harry Potter’ engagement rings.

Sapphire Studios have come up with the Golden Snitch collection. The diamond rings are perfect for any ‘Harry potter’ fan that’s looking forward to add something ‘magical’ to their wedding day.

The rings, called ‘The Golden Snitch’ and ‘The Deathly Hallows’, come in a range of colors: rose gold, sterling silver, white gold and yellow gold.

‘The Golden Snitch’ ring has a 1.40 karat diamond and sold for a price that varies from £291 to £449. The other one, ‘The Deathly Hallows’ has .70 karat diamonds and his price is somewhere in between £219 and £637.

Unfortunately, you can purchase this rings only in their Melbourne shop or with the help of the Owl Postal Service, you can get them online.

So, for all the fans of the ‘Harry Potter’ phenomenon, this would be an amazing surprise on their wedding day. This ring will definitely guarantee an ‘I do’.