Too much Facebook scrolling this Christmas? See what your problem may be

Scientists brought to light a new research. According to the newest study, envy may be the feeling that causes most people to spend most of their holidays’ spare time on Facebook, instead of enjoying their families’ company.

There’s too much Facebook activity every Christmas, all social media accounts are ‘bombed’ by all those ‘perfect’ families and their holiday photos … What is, in fact, the user’s perception?

It is possible that users who are browsing excessively during Christmas become unhappy rather than translating their emotions into a proper emotional state for holidays.

A study conducted by some experts at the University of Copenhagen suggested that excessive usage of social media can generate a feeling of envy. The study warns about the negative impact of ‘shadow’ web browsing on social media, that may cause people to lose their connection with real people.

The sociological research was carried out on 1,300 participants, mostly women, and stated that the ‘regular use of social networks such as Facebook, can adversely affect your emotional well-being and satisfaction with your own life’.

Researchers also warned upon ‘deteriorating one’s mood’ when they spend too much time looking at other people’s stories and photos posted on social platforms. It thus induces unrealistic social comparisons.

If it’s also the case of social media dependence, the researchers recommended effective communication: active involvement in a conversation and even connecting with people on social media seems to be a more positive experience, as the study published in the journal CyberPsychology, Behavior and Social Networking suggested.

Researchers advised passive media users, according to the study, to take a break from the social media sphere for at least a week.