A 3-year-old, who has been in a foster home for 832 days, has finally seen his dream come true. Just in time for Christmas, he has been adopted, creating him an immense joy.

The adoption took place on December 20 in Phoenix, Arizona. Tara Montgomery told ABC News that Michael lived with her and her family for the past year.

Michael was placed to her when he was just 18 months old. Tara’s family was the third one he was placed to.

The initial plan was to find his biological family, but that couldn’t happen, so they chose to find him a place to live.

At first, Tara had second thoughts about the little boy being placed to her, because she was a single parent.

Tara’s daughter, Dae Brown posted a photo on social media. The pictured soon attracted lots of love and it has been retweeted over 50.000 times.

His new mom told ABC News that the adoption “was meant to be”. The photo describes his personality very well.

Michael is very happy about his adoption and so is his new family, who  welcomed him with arms wide open.  Montgomery also says that Michael and her family had an instant connection and that she feels like he belonged to their family all along.

The 3-year-old even has the same name as her two daughters, ‘Brown’.

Tara described him as being very loving and smart and that every day he wakes up shouting: “Mom, I so happy”. She also thanks her daughters, who had an important part in the process.

Michael is now very happy with his new family, that is going to be with him forever.