Unfortunately for Trump, on the day of the inauguration, there will be organized a counter-protest concert. As Politico reports, this move is made in order to infuriate the president to be.

Mark Ross, concert promoter, takes a lot of time to book as many acts for a “We The People” concert that is going to take place in the day of Trump’s much-awaited swearing-in ceremony. Mark also looks for funding arrangements for the event.

Although the location hasn’t yet been picked officially, Miami seems to be a favorite.

“The talent is banging on our doors to do this”, says Ross, who is putting a lot of effort into making this event happen.

Trump’s inability to find performers for his ceremony has become a mocking target. Until now, he has just a few willing singers to perform. There are rumors that he offered diplomatic jobs to agents that can find him some stars for the ceremony. He even tried bribery, but nobody is willing to take him up on the offer.

Among the stars declining him are Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli.

A source told the Wrap that his stuff is willing to do anything, to pay any amount of money.

“I couldn’t do it. Not even for a billion dollars”, said someone who was offered this opportunity.

Usually, artists perform at such events for free, because it means a huge honor, but this year the things have changed.

An inaugural planner said he never heard of a compensation in such situation. Nobody has ever met such problems when it comes to booking a performer for a patriotic event like this one.

Some of the performers that are willing to participate are: Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, Garth Brooks and Lee Greenwood.

Trump is disappointed given the fact that he wanted artists like Bruno Mars or Justin Timberlake to perform.