The year 2016 was full of celebration. There were so many reasons to be thankful for the extraordinary success they had in the Olympics and Paralympics. The monarch also gloriously celebrated her 90th birthday this year. However, the British prime minister urged all citizens to clothe themselves with love now more than ever.

She believed that the transition out of EU is a historic opportunity that requires unity if they are to more into the future without stress. She promised to fight for the people; fight for freedom of religion. She also encouraged all those who worked over Christmas. She wished every citizen joy, good health, and happiness in the coming year.

She went on to commend the armed forces including the five thousand soldiers who had to spend the Christmas holiday any way from their families because they were deployed to serve their nation.

She promised to do everything within her power to honor her word about helping service personnel for on caring for the education of their children and in purchasing good homes.

Paul Nuttall, on the other hand, made his first public Christmas message since his rise to power to announce that his number one priority is to ensure that the country increases the Brexit pace to move things up as fast as possible.

Irrespective of all the historical things that happened throughout the year, the future is still not clear or engraved in stones. Everyone is expected to work hard to build a sustainable nation.