The President and the First Lady spent their Christmas in Hawaii, giving their thanks to the troops and their families for the efforts at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

This was President Obama’s last Christmas in office and he chose to celebrate it as usual, by visiting the troops with his wife, Michelle.

Obama expressed his gratitude and commitment of staying by the troops side even though he won’t be a president anymore. He added that the service the members have brought to the country will never be fully repaid, but he hopes by hearing how grateful he and the country is will be enough.

Obama took Christmas Eve to talk to US service members and some of the ones stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan. His call was meant to reassure the service members that everything they do is supported by the citizens and that everyone is deeply grateful for “every single day that you’re serving, you’re fighting for our freedom and fighting to keep us safe and fighting to maintain our way of life.”

The President told the members that he is looking forward to seeing them many years to come. He even joked, saying that although he will be an ex-President, he will still be able to purchase the gym or the golf course.

Obama and his family have been in Hawaii since December 16 and has since then visited the Marine Corps Base almost every day. He went either for playing golf or for using the gym.