Fuselage fragment of the Russian crashed aircraft was located in the Black Sea

A large fragment of the fuselage belonging to the Russian military aircraft that crashed on Sunday in the Black Sea was located, declared the official sources from the search teams, quoted by Interfax news agency website.

The fragment was discovered on Monday at about 1.5-1.6 km offshore in the resort area of Sochi.

So far, the special teams have localized only remnants of the plane, pieces of luggage and bodies floating in the Black Sea.

‘The search has already been conducted all over the Tu-154 plane resources; the marine plateau was examined in seven places’, declared the Russian Defense Ministry on Monday.

The fragments were scattered on the plateau marine aircraft within a radius of 500 meters, explained Tass agency.

The divers were able to recover two parts of the control system of the aircraft.

A Russian military aircraft type Tupolev Tu-154 crashed on Sunday morning in the Black Sea.

The plane took off from Sochi and vanished from all radar screens after about 20 minutes. The plane made a stopover in Sochi for refueling after taking off from the airfield Şkalovski, located near Moscow en route to Latakia (Syria).

On board, there were 92 people, including 83 passengers, mostly members of the military orchestra Aleksandrov, who were to sing for Christmas to celebrate the Russian military base Hmeymim (Syria), and journalists. Unfortunately, there were no survivors.

Vladimir Putin has ordered an investigation and declared Monday a national day of mourning.

Maxim Sokolov, Minister of Transports in Russia, had previously told The Associated Press that all tracks are taken into account, including a terrorist attack.

According to some unofficial sources, among the passengers was Vladimir Ivanovski, the police chief of the Russian military.