The beautiful brunette has denied the rumors regarding her husband Kanye West was forbidden from joining her family’s Christmas party amidst renewed speculation of a potential divorce of the two.

It was further asserted that she was seen without her wedding ring in a Snapchat picture as she was having fun with her sisters.

Meanwhile, a representative of the reality TV star refused all the allegations, revealing for Mail Online that: ‘These things are untrue. Kanye was at the celebration.”

Instead of joining the family celebration, The Sun reported the rapper was prohibited from attending the party and went to see a movie.

The other day, the couple went to pick up North from a ballet class and the witnesses confesses the pair was acting extremely strange.

A source said: “On Friday they took North to see The Nutcracker, however ,they hardly talked or socialized inside. The tensions were not invisible”.

Kim continues to stay away from the limelight since the Paris robbery where she was held at gunpoint, so her visit at the La Ballet Company’s performance was a surprise.

Meanwhile, the rumors of the imminent divorce amplified, especially since the couple experienced the most tumultuous year.

Following the speculations that recent events have taken a toll on the couple’s union, the dad-of-two is apparently taking time off to concentrate on his family.