John Pavlovitz is a veteran pastor from Raleigh, North Carolina who has been really outspoken about the 2016 presidential election and lately his admiration for Hillary Clinton draw the attention of the American media, everything she was asked:

He claims that Hillary did everything she imagined to do, almost everything she was asked to do.

John Pavlovitz then records some apologies to Hillary Clinton saying he that his seven-year-old daughter won’t get to see the first female President and instead his daughter must watch a guy who has a complete disregard in shaping her future.

Pavlovitz is sorry for his 11-year old son, who will probably be reminded that ‘you can treat girls with complete disregard, that you can be a vile, a foul bully and be nicely rewarded for it.’

The pastor apologizes to Hillary that more individuals didn’t understand her diversity, strength and the way her religion has ever become the actual, quiet, continuous bedrock of who she actually is — and not a one-time, low-cost, effort living room trick made to seem spiritual’.

First and foremost, the pastor says he’s sorry Hillary won’t be his President and he’d have been proud to be directed by her and he considers Hillary cares for the entire and takes into account the diversity of the American.

He says Hillary Clinton failed to win because she reminded us through equality we actually are more powerful together and that our diversity is our biggest strength.

Hillary’s defeat was due to the anxiety she generated to our ‘folks’ and she didn’t need to produce a villain using a native language or skin color or someone’s faith or sexual orientation.