The two Football players have created a bond by their towering presence in the sports.

Everyone is in awe of Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s stunning goal, but what really stood up was Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s and Paul Pogba’s  bond. The two, separated by eleven years and an inch and a half, have raised above all the others.

Both of them really domineering, have raised above all the industry around them. They realized things when the others around were just waiting for things to happen.

The four elements they have mixed is what guarantees their success: finesse, physique, subtlety and strong-arm.

Ibrahimovic has definitely proved his talent this season, being the main scorer for Manchester United. His talent will for sure be seen in the next seasons as well.

The way he established so fast as the leader of the team is definitely remarkable.

At the last game against Sunderland Daley Blind was the one to break the ice, but Zlatan is the one that shined the most. His value to the team is undeniable.

Zlatan represents a mentor from which the others can learn a lot.

With every duel, the bond between Zlatan and Paul is increasing and becoming stronger.

The way Pogba intercepted and assisted Zlatan’s 11th goal in the Premier League was excellent but almost casual.

Although Mourinho is trying to give some space to Ibrahimovic, the player looks as fresh as always.

Even though the two Football players aren’t always in tandem, they are part of a twin engine that begins to motor at Manchester United.

Although Mkhitaryan’s moment was the one that caught most of the attention, the Pogba-Ibrahimovic duo was the one that made Sunderland disappear.