Rihanna will not be happy about this. Apparently, her former flame and one of her closest girls ‘in the block’ are confirming their relationship, after months of speculations.

The most interpretative picture, in which Drake is holding Jennifer Lopez in his arms with the dizziest look on his face, while he is smooching his new girl, was posted on both of their official Instagram accounts.

The picture emerged this morning, right after Rihanna unfollowed J.Lo.

The rumors regarding a love story between the two emerged after Drake attended two of Jennifer’s Vegas concerts and a couple of private parties organized by the singer.

If this is true, Jennifer Lopez broke the ‘girl code’, by ‘messing around’ with her friend’s ex.

Although they were close friends and they were constantly gifting one another with expensive cloths and shoes, the relationship between Rihanna and the Latina seems quite tensioned, especially after Drake was seen more and more in Lopez’ company.

Meanwhile, Rihanna also unfollowed Drake in early October.

Jennifer and Drake did not comment on the subject.

The rumors regarding the alleged romance between Marc Anthony’s ex-wife and Drake were fueled even more after Rihanna decided to unfollow J.Lo on Instagram.

The news broke on the holiday weekend causing a wave of speculations regarding a potential antipathy between the two singers.

Although their relationship was brief, when they were still together, Rihanna and the Canadian rapper never missed the opportunity of expressing their love for each other.