Soon, we will have an application for everything.

The most recent evidence? An application that allows you to light candles at church without having to leave your home.

The application was created by two young men from Portugal and is meant for those who want to express their faith even when they do not have time to go to church.

A single push button on your smartphone allows believers to choose the day, the reason they want to lit a candle and place in which an electronic lamp will be lit.

We speak of LED candles, no wax candle, but the initiative of the two young Portuguese is highly regarded in the community.

For 99 cents, candle remains automatically lit for 15 minutes, without the intervention of priests in one of the 14 partner churches in Lisbon, a capital of a country whose population declare themselves 80%, Catholic.

The application is called Candla and has already attracted more than 10.000 subscribers, being launched in August this year.

“Candla is designed for people abroad who want to be closer to their church, and those who are in physical or occupational incapacity to move,” said Joao Pessoa e Costa, one of the creators of the app.

“Every month, more than 15,000 are lit by candles”, said the young man, who already has serious plans for expansion.

“We will launch the application in January in northern Portugal, Braga and Porto, then in Rome and Madrid, and in the second half of the year in Brazil,” he said.

But until then, he expressed hope that Pope Francis will light a candle through Candla, before coming to Fatima in May 2017.