Authorities in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Germany have announced they have taken strict security measures for their New Year’s outdoor parties organized in the historical centers.

The scale of the terrorist attacks committed in the course of 2016 by the State Islamic terrorist network, the most recent being the one from the Christmas market in Berlin, generated concerns regarding the safety of the New Year’s events.

At Cologne, the street will be surrounded by thousands of policemen, because last year the authorities were unprepared for the wave of sexual assaults committed by migrants. Meanwhile, in Berlin, a Tunisian was arrested, suspected to have contact with Anis Amri, the author of the bombing in the German capital.

The Cologne authorities will guarantee a peaceful New Year party and they will struggle to erase the image of chaos and insecurity associated with this city last year.

Over 1.500 police officers, 300 federals will be deployed on the streets to provide security in the night between the years.

They will be supported by private security companies, but also by several mobile units to help women in case of any type of aggression.

Near the cathedral in Cologne, the fireworks will be banned and access will be restricted.

After the bombing of Berlin every single region in Germany adopted special security measures and video surveillance devices.

Authorities announced that about 55.000 migrant receiving the approval for asylum in Germany have voluntarily left the country. In comparison to last year, the number is double.