The ‘Fast & Furious’ star sparked a major controversy after he stopped an interview to flirt with a journalist.

Vin Diesel was accused by the people he was collaborating with at that time of behaving unprofessionally during the interview.

That’s because the 49-year old actor was dazzled by host Carol Moreira, known in Brazil due to her Youtube, in which she asks celebrities various questions about their career and personal life.

That’s exactly what she tried to do with Vin but when she asked him about his mentor Tom Hanks, Paul Walker’s  best friend deviated from the topic and started to flirt with the blonde.

Instead of responding to the in interview questions, Vin Diesel showcased the strangest behavior.

“God, you are so beautiful, she’s beautiful, right or not? How should I do this interview, look at this woman, talk to me baby” said Vin Diesel, ignoring Moreira’s attempt to continue the interview.

“Tell me your story, let’s get out of here for lunch.”, added the Hollywood hunk.

The last part of the “interview” continue in the same manner, Vin Diesel blocking any attempt to have a professional interview.

Carol Moreira admitted then that she felt uncomfortable because of Vin Diesel advances: “I laughed because it was a delicate situation. I didn’t enjoy it. At that time I did not know how to react, you will see that I did not feel comfortable, do it wasn’t that nice that my work got interrupted “, she recounted.