50 Cent, suspiciously attracted to Romania

Just a few days after 50 Cent has posted a video that went viral, featuring a Romanian caroling goat, the famous rapper apparently laid his eyes on a wanton Romanian weather girl… or, to be more precise, on the girl’s breasts.

Apparently, Daniela Crudu’s breasts are no longer a mystery to anyone in Romania, but it seems like their ‘notoriety’ has passed the ocean and reached America.

50 Cent, the famous rapper, has discovered Daniela’s vulgar pictures on a blog in America. Specifically, a comment about the ease with which Romanian weather girls are showing their breasts on television drew his attention.

He seems to have ‘liked’ the photos so much that he shared the post on his Facebook page.

Shortly after, the immoral brunette posted a picture on her Instagram account, screenshoting 50’s post and boasting in front of her fans that ‘famous 50 Cent has laid his eyes on her’.

No wonder he didn’t have the same reaction as the other day: ‘The fuck did I just see?’

The video showed the traditional Romanian dancing goat, probably filmed in front of a shopping mall in the US.

The video gained tens of thousands of comments, many of them in which Romanians tried to explain the rapper what is the significance of the caroling goat.

The video with 50 Cent’s goat gathered over 1,3 million views on Facebook in just a few hours after it was posted.

Riding a ‘goat’ is one of the Romanian traditions practiced during the winter holidays, but foreigners may look at it like a downright strange habit.