The gloves of love: 'glovers'

It’s winter, it’s cold outside, but we still want to feel our lover close to us! But how do we do that wearing gloves, which prevents us from feeling the hands of our loved ones? It’s pretty simple: we buy a pair of ‘glovers’.

Lovers who want to go down the street holding hands only have two options: either to protect their hands from the cold wearing gloves and holding hands, which means that their hands cannot feel each other or they take off their gloves and freeze.

The first option is completely unromantic and the second is quite uncomfortable. So, the perfect solution for the problem is here! The gloves of love.

According to the patent, the invention provides a piece of clothing to cover your hands, tailored after the pattern of two holding hands.

Glovers is a set of 3 pieces made from fleece, a soft and very warm material, invented by German designer Franziska Holszman, that costs only € 19.

Do you love her so much that you cannot take your eyes off her? Does your life suddenly become brighter when you are holding hands? The ‘gloves in love’ will show everyone that you are indeed inseparable. They are funny and practical and will become the perfect pretext of a warm handshake.

Show your partner how much he means to you by offering this set of gloves designed specifically for lovers. If until now you couldn’t take your eyes off her, once you get the ingenious gift you will never be able to let go of her hand.