Jennifer Lawrence declared several times that her love life was not the most pleasant chapter to talk about.

Despite the fact her relationships from the past are not exactly nice memories it seems that her romance with director Darren Aronofsky will last for good.

Although she is extremely happy and never misses a chance to express the love for Darren, her relationship might be in some sort of trouble.

According to some Hollywood sources, the director tried to flirt with African actress Charlize Theron.

The fresh couple was spotted by the paparazzi in New York, where they spend their Christmas holiday. But their bubble of happiness was broken after the tabloids launched the speculation regarding a potential fling between the filmmaker and the beautiful blonde.

Apparently, while he was struggling to convince Charlize to be part of his new movie, Darren started to flirt with her, which seems pretty inappropriate, considering that he is involved in the relationship with J.Law for months.

According to sources inside their circle of friends, Jennifer became so upset when she heard the news she, somehow, convinced herself that Charlize is on a mission of stealing her boyfriend.

The not-so-cute part is that Darren is known around town for his unusual habit of involving with the actresses cast in his movies.

However, it seems that he struggled for two years to convince Charlize to play in one of his productions.