The Cleveland Cavaliers 32-year-old player has a problem with him being compared to another Basketball player superstar, Michael Jordan. Ever since he became very well known nationally, comparisons with Jordan, a legend, soon followed.

Recently, as he was about to turn 32, James was asked if he is like Jordan used to be when he was his age. Jordan, at 32, was having an amazing season. In the period of 1995-1996, the player was leading Chicago Bulls to an amazing victory of 72 to 10. The record was exceeded last year by Golden State Warriors.

James said that he never compared himself to Jordan as they have different games. In his opinion, Jordan is more a scorer. He points out that not only their games are different, but their bodies too.

He doesn’t allow these comparisons as he doesn’t believe he has something in common with Michael.

On the internet, there are already videos that show the two executing amazing shots.

“He has much more lift in his fadeaway than mine. That was definitely a go-to move of his. Our games are completely different,” said LeBron.

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the last nine games it had, while James was part of them.

Tyronn Lue, coach of the team he is playing at, compared the star with not one, but three guys. He says James has Dominique Wilkins’ power, at times he scores like James and just like Magic Johnson, he has the court vision.

Even though James doesn’t like comparisons with other players, he has enjoyed a great year, a much better one than 2015. James declared that 2016 turned out to be a great year for him, not only professionally, but as a father and husband as well.