Many conspiracy theorists around the internet and world have always believed that the U.S. space agency, NASA, for some reason or another, are at the center of mass plots to hide secrets from the public.

So many such theories are out there that the tech magazine ArsTechnica does and annual editorial that gathers up the most known theories that float around the internet.

One of the latest rumors is that a group of scientists and astronomers have built in secret a base at the North Pole, according to online “alien hunters” SecureTeam10. They are sure of this due to some satellite photos that according to them show the entrance to the secret NASA base.

“Every single satellite image that we have of the North Pole shows a massive hole or a black out hole put there to hide whatever’s underneath,” they claim on a video they shared. “NASA and the world’s governments are trying to… completely hide the fact that there is something at out North and South Poles. And what they are hiding appears to be a massive entrance, or hole, in the inner Earth.”

They believe this is proven by the fact that airplanes are not permitted to fly over the North Pole and a high-resolution satellite photo of Antarctica has been over blurred beyond recognition, sources say to the Daily Mirror.

NASA, other space agencies and astronomer have made plenty of amazing and scientifically-proven discoveries this year. But for everything else (mainly aliens) there’s a vibrant community of fact-finders on the internet keeping them honest.