Mumbai: The moment in which the US President must retire from his position is right around the corner.

But, the US leader doesn’t have to become sad about this.

Especially since he was offered a new job in Mumbai and trust us, this is an unbridled one.

The suggestion was made by a group of third graders from a municipal school, who kindly ask the most powerful man in the world to become their new teacher.

In order to look convincing, the pupils an offer letter on a plain white sheet in neat crayon writing in which they require Obama to come to their school.

In exchange, the cute toddlers promise the current President the best treatment and lots of fun.

The video footage was filmed by non-profit Akanksha Foundation and last for more than two minutes.

The same organization founded the institution and financially supports it.

“Before you start looking for other jobs, we would like to offer you a job as our teacher at Akanksha,”, says one of the third graders in the video that became viral on the internet.

The institution takes care of 186 children, who offer Barack Obama a desk, a chair in the teacher’s room and some added incentives.

They are also more than happy to serve him with “yummy Indian food every day”.

Namrata Gupta, who does most of the talking, is now eager to find out if the American President will take her offer into account when he will start looking for other jobs.