The co-owner of Iowa’s Bertch Cabinets gave his employees one of the best Christmas presents that they could ever possibly hope for, thanking them for a great year by giving them an all-expenses paid Caribbean cruise.

On December 15, they were told that they had reached the appropriate benchmarks for the year and would be a given a free vacation in January. At least 600 of the employees were more than happy to take up Gary Bertch on the offer and will accompany him on a chartered flight to Miami come January 8.

From there, they will then board the Victory, a popular Carnival cruise ship, and spend five days soaking up the Caribbean sun. The employees who could not be a part of the trip are receiving a paid week off and a $900 bonus for their troubles.

The president of the company said that their objective was to provide employees who would not be able to attend for personal reasons with the opportunity to enjoy a viable alternative. As an added bonus, those who are able to go on the cruise are allowed to bring their spouses with them, free of charge.

This is the first companywide vacation that Bertch Cabinets has been able to provide since the recession took place back in 2005 and employees are looking forward to having the chance to spend time with each other and bond outside of the workplace. The company has created a family environment for their employees and this free cruise is just one of the many reasons why.