PT Citilink Indonesia has received a stern warning from Indonesia authorities after a video surfaced that appeared to show one of their pilots in a state of deep intoxication. The video depicted an intoxicated pilot going through security and giving incoherent addresses on the aircraft public access system.

Citilink fired the pilot after the December 28 incident and the company, a subsidiary of national carrier PT Garuda Indonesia, also stated that two of their executives have offered to resign in the wake of the embarrassing incident.

The pilot was not allowed to fly the plane and he was replaced before travel proceeded, according to a statement that was released. The airline was also asked to investigate whether the pilot had taken any illegal drugs prior to passing through security. Citilink’s management has since been taken to task for missing the appropriate checks on his ability to pilot the aircraft.

Indonesia’s transportation ministry has called for an internal investigation, since the proper procedures and health checks were not followed and several regulations were violated. The pilot was not named, but he has been fired, according to a statement that was released by Citilink.

The videos of the intoxicated pilot circulated soon after the incident took place, causing a great deal of alarm for Indonesians who already find themselves worried by the country’s patchy record of air safety. The company’s chief executive and operations director have both offered to resign in the incident’s wake and their potential resignations will require shareholder approval before being made final.