If you’ve ever tried to use a scrub to get softer pores or to exfoliate your skin, then you have to read this. A recent lawsuit against the company claims that one of these products can damage the pores and even the whole skin.

The suit was filed by Sarah Basile and Kaylee Browning against Unilever. The plaintiffs are of the opinion that the crushed walnut shells used in the preparation of the St. Ives scrub can cause severe damage to the skin. According to them, the organization did not disclose that the scrub can cause microscopic tearing of the skin and skin pores and as such, they are demanding $5 million from the company for damages.

Unilever claims that the product is dermatologist tested and is only meant to revitalize the skin and refresh the pores. It cannot cause skin tear or damage. They further claim that customers have cherished their product for over thirty years.

The lawsuit has caused a division among dermatologists. While the majority say it is a good product that promotes healthy growth of cells, others claim it is harmful. Dr. Dennis Gross said that using the scrub is like using sandpaper on the facial skin.

Although it’s possible for scrubs to cause minor tears on the facial skin, it cannot lead to bacterial infection when used correctly. They simply disrupt the barrier by breaking your skin and pores. Scrubs can on no occasion cause wrinkles on the skin.

Some dermatologists advised that people should depend less on scrubs and more on using their fingers.