According to reports, a large number of water creatures have been washed ashore the Southwestern Shores of Nova Scotia. No one has been able to explain the mysterious scenes as several weeks of testing (for infections or toxins) to determine the reason behind the mysterious mass die-off of thousands of aquatic life have yielded no results. This has left researchers stunned.

According to Canadian TV, among the many dead aquatic creatures that have been washed to the shore include lobsters, scallops, crabs, clams, starfish and a humpback whale. The number of aquatic species affected has grown gradually within a few weeks, and as at the present day more than 20,000 creatures have turned up dead by the shore.

Despite the fact that tests have not revealed any known disease, the authorities have warned that none of the dead fish are safe to eat. Officials initially suspected it could have been caused by toxins, infection, disease, predators and water quality issues but results from testing haven’t revealed any relevant information to back their suspicions.

A group of scientists suspect that the die-off may have been caused by the low oxygen levels caused by pollution, low salinity due to heavy rains, agricultural runoff, or complication caused by the new five-story turbine built under the water to generate power.

“We are in the dark, due to how complexity this case is,” Ted Leighton a biology professor at University of Sainte Anne in Nova Scotia, revealed while speaking to Metro News. There isn’t enough data to back or rule out anything”.