Everything everybody talks this day is Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance. The singer suffered a pretty shameful event. Her performance was a total failure and some even said that this is her career’s end. The sound system failure definitely proves that Mariah was lip-syncing.

When the singer tries to sing one of her songs, she fails miserably, not remembering the lyrics and then relying on the fans to sing with her.

Adele, another precious artist, has gone through the same thing, having the sound system fail, but dealt with it completely different.

While Mariah was still, as usual, acting like a diva and not wanting to admit her failure, Adele proved fair play, continuing the show like nothing had happened.

Adele was performing “All I Ask” when the sound system failure occurred. When this happens, fans begin singing with her, without allowing an embarrassing moment.

The Grammy singer lip-syncs while her fans sing with her. The moment was pretty special and demonstrates how faithful her fans are.

The video of the moment has circled the internet and fans are in awe of the artist.

The failure took place at her concert in Birmingham NEC Genting Arena on April 2nd.

While Mariah was highly judged for her performance, Adele proved that everything is in the attitude.

Maybe Adele’s funny and kind nature also has something to do with this or maybe are just her fans. The artist proved her amazing vocals many times.