The chocolate that promises to reduce wrinkles and aging signs was created by a team of British researchers.

Esthechoch is the creation of a laboratory from Cambridge University and, apparently, increases the antioxidant levels, blood circulation and, last but not least, preserves a youthful appearance of the skin.

Only 7.5 grams of chocolate containing astaxanthin (the same quantity that you would find a salmon from Alaska) and as many polyphenols as 100 gram of dark chocolate.

Its creators claim that the skin of a 50-60-years-old can be rejuvenated to look like the complexion of someone of 20-30 years.

Tests show that after four weeks of daily consumption of this chocolate, volunteers showed lower levels of inflammation around the face and high levels of blood supply to the skin, writes

Unfortunately, Estechoc will not become available at any ‘shop around the corner’.

The anti-aging chocolate is packaged in a special box, portioned in small pieces that should be enough for three weeks. The price on their official website is of $55.

The site offers the ability to “subscribe” to chocolate, with a subscription of three months and the possibility of buying a calendar in the style of Christmas with chocolate.

Naveed Sattar, the professor at Glasgow University, believes that more accurate clinical tests must be conducted to validate the miraculous effects of this chocolate.

Other experts from University College London say the tests conducted in the past have shown that astaxanthin is much more effective when applied directly, instead of being ingested.