Donald Trump will take over the Oval Office soon. The president-elect has been very talked about the previous year. His declarations have definitely been something to talk about.

Now, that he has so little time until he becomes a president, media figures are keeping their eyes on him and his administration approach. Many fear that he will be as dishonest as he has been during his campaign.

Media fears that it is unprepared for Trump and the challenges he poses.

Gerard Baker, Wall Street Journal editor, gave his take on Trump’s “lies”. “I’d be careful about using the word, “lie.” “Lie” implies much more than just saying something that’s false. It implies a deliberate intent to mislead,” says the editor.

He thinks that every reader should have his own opinion. If the reader wants to be objective, he has to think of this without taking into consideration the person that is talking. He thinks that now everyone is judging Trump because of who he is and is taking for granted what he says. The first thing that comes into people’s minds is that what Trump says is wrong or false.

The press is also quickly to judge, accusing Trump of lying, but when it comes to other political figures, like Hillary Clinton, they don’t assume that just as fast.

However, comparing Trump and Clinton are pretty unfair. Trump has lied many more times and he will probably continue. Clinton lied too, but not to such great extent.

Everyone is hoping for the best and hope that Trump will be a good president in spite of his lying nature. The country and its citizens are relying on him to do his best.