The Ortaköy police district in Istanbul, Turkey reveals frightening details regarding the attack from Reina.

Ballistic experts quoted by local media stated that the attack committed on the night of the New Year’s Eve was committed with special ammunition with an increased capacity to destroy. The author used bomber fired bullets with steel core. These bullets have the capacity to kill three men at once.

The gun used by the terrorist was a Kalashnikov automatic pistol. The killer’s main purpose was to kill as many people with minimum ammunition.

Defense specialists quoted by Turkish media stated the bullets were a 7.62 caliber with an “improved” cargo of steel which has significantly increased the power of destruction.

“Although some targets were very strong (probably n.r. building walls or other obstructions on track cartridges), the bullets passed through them’, revealed one of the specialists.

The target of this attack was one: a single cartridge was meant to kill at least two people. Three people seated one behind the other one could be killed by a single bullet of this type.

Turkish forensics conducted 39 autopsies and 15 bodies were already given to families.

Most of the victims were shot at close range in the head and their identification was made by using DNA tests.

Turkish media wrote the killer is originally from Kyrgyzstan. He is married and has two children.

The Kyrgyzstan-born traveled to Istanbul and drove to Ankara where he separated from his wife. The man rented an apartment in Konya for which he paid three months in advance. He returned to Istanbul on 29th December and on the New Year’s Eve he brought hell in the Reina club by firing 180 rounds.