The New Year’s Eve party was a literal nightmare for the pop diva.

Singer Mariah Carey completely failed her performance from Times Square.

James Packer’s ex-fiancée vanished from the scene installed in New York shortly after she realized that she completely blew her performance.

Singer Mariah Carey (46) claims that this was one of the most disastrous recitals of her career held in front of millions of spectators and viewers.

Diva, who was invited to perform in Times Square, New York for 15 minutes, minutes before passing in 2017 was annoyed because the technical plant acted funny for several times.

Therefore, Mariah was not able to sync the movement of her lips with the track, revealing that her voice was not live.

Unsuccessfully, Mariah tried to sing without playback she hit “Emotions”, but she failed to remember the lyrics. Then, she asked the audience to sing instead.

Problems have continued during the song “We Belong Together”. While the recording ran, she stopped singing because she was fully conscious that this is a disaster. Her dancers were trying to cope, but eventually, they were stuck.

“This is it! I simply cannot do it better”, said the diva in tears.

The singer with a fortune of 520 million dollars has been heavily criticized on social networks.

Some users have even written that 2016 made a final victim: Mariah Carey’s career.

Mariah complained that she was sabotaged by the organizers and her headphones were broken to embarrass her. Dick Clark Productions manufacturers categorically denied her allegations.