The White House announced the sanctions against Russia

Barack Obama will live the Oval Office soon, but right before leaving his position, the president has one more thing up his sleeve or this is what some want.

Everyone is worried about what Donald Trump, the president-elect, will do in the Supreme Court.

Liberals want Obama to do one last move: choose Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. It is possible that Obama will do this.

This will be a Constitutional challenge. Until now, there is no sign that the president will do this, but the idea is considered by many.

On January 3rd, there will be the 114th congress where the Senate will gather. Until the 115th Congress, there will be a 5 minutes window. People are expecting that during this window. Obama will make the move, but this is very much unlikely.

LawNews says that during recess justice has been appointed.

In the US Supreme Court, there have been 12 recess appointments, but the last one occurred about 50 years ago. 49 of them were confirmed by the Us Senate, with one exception. In 1795, President George Washington’s nomination was rejected by a vote of 10 to 14. Back then, Washington nominated John Rutledge to be Chief Justice of the United States.

Maybe Obama will pick Merrick Garland and make a historical move. Given the fact that there have been 50 years since the last recess appointment, this will be something major.

Liberals are still rooting for this, even if the president didn’t  assure them of anything. They will have to wait until the Senate gathers and see. Maybe the date of January 3rd will make history.