Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, gave 1000 customers Autopilot features as a New Year’s gift.

The Autopilot software upgrade also called Autopilot HW2 or Hardware 2, is attached to the October models of Tesla Model S and X. The October models are also loaded with advanced radar, ultrasonic sensors and cameras.

“Hold to verify no field issues and upload to rest of fleet next week,” said the CEO on social media after the launching of the 8.1 version.

The upgrade contains fresh Autopilot features. Some of them are still beta. They are explained in diverse languages. This will make drivers keep their hands on the steering wheel and be much more vigilant.

Electrek says the new features include Forward Collision Warning. If an imminent collision is sensed, all you have to do is set the distance. Traffic-Aware Cruise Control and Low-Speed Autosteer are also featured. The last two take part of the beta and they will control your car.

After in 2016 Tesla confronted with a series of crashes both in the United States and abroad, it was really talked about. Many of them were linked to the Autopilot software.

In May, a customer died after his car, a Model S, struck a truck on the other path. The event was highly publicized. Because the Autopilot didn’t sense the truck’s white side, it didn’t push the brakes.

According to Musk, the new upgraded Autopilot is very sophisticated.

In the next months, other companies are going to launch their latest self-driving features. Volvo, Uber, Google, Ford are very popular in this field.