The New Year started a few days ago and the ads about the end of the world, the apocalypse and other predictions already began to invade social media.

Once again, we are dealing with the planet Nibiru in the center of conspiracy about the end of the world and, apparently, the cataclysmic event will occur in October 2017.

Author David Meade is in the center of the conspiracy this time. He believes that the planet Nibiru will be directed towards Earth by a gravitational force of a star binary pair with the Sun, which there is no evidence that it exists. The author claims that Nibiru coming toward us at an oblique angle being oriented towards the South Pole.

Meade claims to have scientific arguments about the disaster, only that the book he mentions several “truths”, arguing that “as God said in the Bible.”

American entrepreneur Robert Vicino believes that this cataclysm is real, arguing that elites already preparing for the end of the world. He asks rhetorically why Russia held an exercise involving over 40 million citizens of the country.

Vicino owns a company that builds underground bunkers to protect people against events that endanger the planet.

The scientific community has, however, disagreed, saying that Nibiru does not exist. NASA stated that “Nibiru and other stories about pranks like planets are only propagated on the Internet, such celestial bodies are non-existent”.

Nibiru has been the focus of previous rumors, given that the last apocalypse was scheduled for December 2016. And then, as in previous years, this mysterious planet has not appeared.