“Cowboys suck” : Over the New Year’s Eve, the famous Hollywood sign in California was vandalized and has now become Hollyweed. Now, a few days after that incident, the sign says “Cowboys suck”.

The NFL season ended a few days ago, and now fans of Football wants to remind Cowboys that they haven’t participated in the Super Bowl in years.

Cowboys suck

This Tuesday, according to a police officer from Los Angeles, Cristopher Garcia, the sign was vandalized yet again and reads “Cowboys suck”. It is believed a single person took care of the vandalism.

The suspect is probably a male and a Football fan. He is also probably in a really good shape. He used custom made letters that look exactly like the famous ones.

The security camera caught the vandal at about 2 PM. The police officer says that his height can’t be seen as it was dark and raining.

“He left a note reading, “It was either this, “Dez Dropped It” or “The Warriors Blew A 3-1 Lead,” declared Garcia.

Councilman David Ryu’s spokesperson declared that the sign will be restored to its normal shape. He also said that this is really embarrassing both for the park service and the officials. Given the incident that happened a few days ago, they thought monitoring wouldn’t be necessary again.

The sign has sensors, but they are available only for a few letters, so they can be avoided. Also, the road behind the sign is available both by foot and car.

This isn’t the only time the Hollywood sign was vandalized. In 1976, someone changed it to “Hollyweed”.