The famous celebrity star has been missing from social media in the past three months following her robbery in Paris. She hasn’t appeared in public as well. She had a few hard months with Kanye’s hospitalization and rumors they were breaking up were swirling this time around.

Now, the 36-year-old put an end to every rumor by posting a picture on Instagram. The photograph features her, Kanye and their two children, North, 3 and baby Saint. She captioned it “Family”. They are all wearing white and Kim sports her long hair.

Earlier that day, Kim posted a heartwarming video of her family. Footages of them hugging and spending time together have melted their fans’ hearts. This definitely ended every rumor about her and Kanye’s separation.

Although she posted the family footages, in the same day the reality star left people wondering after she dropped “West” from her name on social media. People were sure something bad must have happened. She changed the name back after.

The photo on Instagram is a sign the star is ready for the new year and also for her appearing in public again.

Last month, she was supposed to make an appearance to an event with her sisters and mom, but after learning about Kanye’s hospitalization, she rushed to the singer’s side.

Kanye is doing well now, since he left the hospital he was seen out and seems to be recovering well. There were rumors the couple was seeing a counselor so that they can get back their family life.

Fans of the star are waiting for her proper return and see her sporting her fancy looks out.