The American President-elect spent his New Year’s Eve with his longtime friend Joseph Cinque, an offender who survived an assassination attempt and a good friend of mobster John Gotti, reports CNN.

Trump appears next to Cinque in a video published on the Internet onstage at the hotel complex Mar-a-Lago, Palm Beach (Florida), owned by the elected President of the United States.

In 198, Cinque was found guilty because he possessed stolen art objects.

According to documents provided by an employee of the Supreme Court of New York, in 1990 he received a suspended sentence.

The court documents were destroyed in a fire, therefore, Cinque did not stay behind bars.

The fact that no other court has the documents related to this case suggests that the man did not breach the conditions.

In an interview with a magazine in New York, Cinque spoke about his friendship Gotti, and about the way he was shot three times and left to die.

Cinque described the incident that took place in 1980 as a robbery, but authorities disagree, they think it was an assassination attempt.

Cinque is president and CEO of the American Academy of Hospitality Services (aahs), organization assessment that tourism in recent years, it introduced Trump as an “extraordinary ambassador.”

When Trump’s transition team was invited to comment on some political stuff, they capitalized that “Trump has never denied that he knows Cinque”.